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About Our Club

Est. 1950

University of Tasmania Football (Soccer) Club (UTASFC) was founded in 1950 when 16 players took the field through the first season. Some of these players were AFL and Rugby players conscripted on the day to make up the numbers. From early days the players at our Club were referred to as the ‘Students’, however in more recent years our identity has shifted to ‘The Bees’ as our Club colours used to be Yellow and Black.

In 2020 our Club affiliation moved to the University directly and we are now 1 of many sports under the banner of UTAS Sport. Since then our Club colour have changed to RED and BLACK.

We are still proudly Bees and we play our home games up at Olinda Grove which is also known as The Hive.

The Club has certainly come a long way since the beginning. In season 2021 we fielded 10 teams:

  • 3 Women’s Championship teams

  • 3 Mens Championship teams

  • 3 Mens Social teams

  • 2 Youth U/14 teams

  • 1 Junior U/12 team

As a Club, we are passionate about seeing individuals participating in our sport whether they be new or experienced and enjoying competing. Out of those 2 foundations is where we believe success comes from.

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